17. Two Rescuer CPR for Infants (Up to 12 Months of Age)

  1.  Rescuer 1 – Assess responsiveness. Tap soles of feet. Call name loudly. Check for breathing.  If not breathing, send Rescuer 2 to activate EMS and bring AED. Check brachial pulse for at least 5, but no more than 10 seconds. 2 fingers on medial upper arm between elbow and shoulder. If pulse absent or below 60 bpm, start CPR beginning with 30 compressions followed by 2 breaths.  Place infant on his back. 2 fingers on center of chest just below nipple line. 100-120 compressions / minute. 1.5 inches
  1. Principles of providing breaths for infants are same as for children and adults. Correct sized facemask or bag-valve-mask. Cover the mouth and nose only. Each breath over 1 second. Should cause chest rise. Usually only a small puff of air needed if mask is sealed. Infant in “Sniffing position.” Head tilted just enough that nose appears to be sniffing in the air. External ear canal should be level with infant’s shoulder. Avoid hyperextending neck. Place one hand on infant’s forehead. 
  1. Rescuer 2 – place thumbs of both hands on lower half of infant’s sternum. Should be kneeling at infant’s feet. Put finger’s of both hands around infant’s chest. Fingers encircle infant’s back. Thumbs depress the sternum approximately 1.5 inches. Compress 100-120 times per minute.  15 compressions: 2 breaths.  Switch roles every 2 minutes.