16. One Rescuer CPR for Infants (Up to 12 Months of Age)

  1. Check responsiveness. Tap soles of feet. Call name loudly. Call for help. If someone responds, ask them to call 911 and get AED.
  1. Check brachial pulse for at least 5, but no more than 10 seconds. Pushing too firmly may occlude pulse. If you cannot feel pulse, or heart rale below 60, or signs of poor perfusion, begin CPR with 30 compressions followed by 2 breaths. 
  1. Place infant on back on firm surface. 2 fingers in center of chest just below nipple line. 100-120 compressions per minute to depth of approximately 1.5 inches
  1. Principles of providing breaths for infants are same as for children and adults. Correct sized face mask, or bag-valve-mask. Breath should go in over 1 second. Should see visible chest rise. Rather than head tilt, infant should be place in Sniffing position. External ear canal should be level with top of infant’s shoulder. This will keep airway open. Place one hand on infant’s forehead to accomplish this. 
  1. After 2 minutes of compressions (5 cycles of 30 compressions and 2 breaths), leave the child to call 911 and get an AED. Use AED asap.