10. 2 Rescuer Adult CPR with an AED

A.Rescuer 1 – checks response and breathing. Checks for carotid pulse for 5       seconds, but not more than 10 seconds. Begins CPR if no pulse. 

B. Rescuer 2 – Activates emergency response system. Retrieves AED. Powers it      on. Attaches pads to chest. Clears victim, and pushes ANALYZE button. Pushes SHOCK button if shock indicated. If no shock needed, Rescuer 2 should take over chest compressions, while Rescuer 1 manages patient’s airway using face mask or bag-valve-mask. 

C. After 5 cycles of CPR, or 2 minutes, AED will analyze rhythm. During this time, Rescuer 1 and 2 should switch position, so that rescuer 1 clears the victim, pushes shock if a shock is advised.