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Study Tips

Our study materials are organized into small, manageable sections (for example, BLS, Solo Provider Adult BLS, etc). Most sections (not all are followed by a few questions related to that particular section.  We have tried to condense the information in each section to only that which we feel are the essentials for a student of BLS.  We recommend downloading / printing our algorithms and using these for study reference. Section 24 is very important in terms of a summary for compression rates, ventilation rates, depth of compression, etc. Please email us at for any further questions you have related to preparing for the exam, or questions related to the exams themselves.

The aim of the BLS course is to train participants to save the lives of victim’s through high quality CPR. This can be done individually, or as part of a team. It includes recognition of signs of  a heart attack, sudden cardiac arrest, stroke, and airway obstruction.  BLS is geared more toward medical professionals and first responders, whereas CPR and AED use are skills anyone can learn. Some examples of when BLS would be needed include choking, cardiac arrest, or near drowning. There are 3 main components to assess when performing BLS. These are circulation, airway, and breathing (C-A-B). BLS also includes the concept of the 3 P’s: life preservation, deterioration prevention, and recovery promotion. These basic tenets do not necessarily require any medical training. The 2 most important components of BLS are high quality CPR and early defibrillation with an AED. 


Certification demonstrates you understand each BLS algorithm, and can manage and treat any patient who is experiencing a cardiovascular emergency. Click below to view and study the BLS Algorithms.

Rhythm Strips

It is recommended to download / print this PDF (along with the algorithms above)  and use these as study references as you take the exams. Many questions come directly from these.