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Study Tips

Our study materials are organized into small, manageable sections (for example, BLS, Solo Provider Adult BLS, etc). Most sections (not all) are followed by a few questions related to that particular section.  We have tried to condense the information in each section to only that which we feel are the essentials for a student of ACLS / PALS. The videos are intended to complement each lesson and are NOT required to complete the courses. We recommend downloading / printing our algorithms and using these for study reference.  We also have included a section entitled “Rhythm Strips”, which we strongly encourage you to review prior to taking any of the exams.  Please email us at for any further questions you have related to preparing for the exam, or questions related to the exams themselves.


Rhythm Strips

It is recommended to download / print this PDF (along with the algorithms from our site)  and use these as study references as you take the exams. Many questions come directly from these.