Best Study Tips For Online Course Takers

Best Study Tips For Online Course Takers

Studying helps you equip yourself with new skills, which can be great when you aim for a better position or want to be more productive in your current job. When you’ve got your hands full during the day, heading to a local learning center is generally out of the question. With the rise of online educational platforms, you can now take your studies to the internet and learn at your own pace. That accounts for ACLS too. Let’s take a closer look at a couple of tips you should keep in mind to ensure you take full advantage of what online courses offer.

Create A Study Space

The idea of sitting on the couch with study materials in your hand seems great, but it’s also something that can quickly result in distractions. Maybe someone turns the TV on – and now, suddenly, you simply can’t focus on the course due to one of your favorite shows. You put down the books and decide to watch an episode, which turns into two, or maybe three. By the end of this session, you’ve lost your will to study and pass it on for the next day.

When you study online, it’s important to take things very seriously from the beginning. This is why you should set up a study space for yourself. It doesn’t have to be an entire room dedicated to your studies. Even just a corner in the living room or bedroom can work. The idea is to find a space where you are at least somewhat isolated. This way, you can study in privacy and avoid distractions.

It’s not always possible when the kids are running around, and your partner is constantly complaining about dinner being late. Talking to your family about your studies and asking them to respect your study space is a good starting point in these situations. You can also delegate some tasks to other people in your household to ensure you can go to your study space and learn.

Study On A Schedule

A schedule can also be extremely helpful when it comes to an online course. When you are in a University or attending a part-time course at a local center, then you have to show up at a specific time. The lecture will go on for a set duration too. Practicing this type of discipline with your online studies can be incredibly useful.

The way you develop your schedule largely depends on your personal factors. You have to take a closer look at your daily schedule and routine. Consider what time you get off from work and how much time it takes you to make dinner and care for your family.

You need to find a way to add time for your studies to your daily schedule. Decide how much time you want to spend on your studies every day. Half an hour to an hour is a good starting point, depending on the difficulty of the course materials. Some people find that 30 minutes every day is enough to help them grasp the knowledge that an ACLS course provides.

Once you have set up a schedule, it’s important to stick to it. Don’t allow distractions to keep you from staying on schedule, as this can become a habit.

Find Online Communities

Another excellent way to help yourself through the study period is to find and join a couple of online communities. These communities are often developed to help people who study online to connect with each other.

You should search for online communities that focus either specifically on ACLS courses or medical-related studies in general. With medical study communities, you’ll often also find that some of the students in the community are doing an ACLS certification.

You shouldn’t just join the community. Become part of it. Read through posts, leave your comment, and don’t be afraid to ask for help and support. If you see a question from someone also doing the course, you should consider how well you can answer it. This type of online community generally focuses on creating an environment where people can help each other, after all.

Motivate Yourself

One of the major hurdles with online courses often comes in the form of motivation. You feel motivated when you sign up for the ACLS certification and with your first study session. After a few sessions, you may find that your motivation levels are not where they were at the beginning.

Finding ways to keep yourself motivated as you journey through this course is important. One of the best options here is to set small goals for yourself. Whenever you reach one of these goals, reward yourself. Make sure these goals are realistic. Progress can be saved on the courses on, and you can then come back to studying or the exam
when you are able.

This type of reward system ensures you always have something to look forward to. It could be a “pass” day or perhaps you get to treat yourself to something special once you’ve mastered a specific algorithm that you need to learn.

Take Notes

Taking notes is the next tip that you can use to improve your performance when studying online. Whether your course material is in the form of videos or text-based documents, you should take notes as you progress through the course.

Taking notes is a great way to ensure you have a set of data to reflect back on whenever you feel unsure about something important. It is also going to give you study materials in a summarized way, which can be very helpful once you need to get ready for the exams.

Don’t Forget To Take Breaks

When you are hard at work with your studies, it’s easy to forget to take a break now and then. Taking a breath during your study sessions is important. It gives you a moment to stretch your legs and get some fresh air. For many people, this is the perfect opportunity to refresh.

The specific frequency and duration of your breaks depend on your study schedule. If you decide to spend an hour studying every day, then start with a timer that is set for 15 to 20 minutes. Once the timer goes off, take a quick break. You could make yourself a cup of coffee or take a quick five-minute walk outside before you come back to your studies. Repeat this process until your study session ends.


Online courses are extremely convenient as they give you the ability to study at your own pace. Sometimes, however, you may feel unmotivated or struggle to overcome distractions. The tips we shared in this post are sure to get you off to a good start. Make sure to also use any online resources your ACLS course provider offered you, as the materials may also help to make your study sessions easier.


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